RemoteMonster provides a variety of functions that allow you to quickly and easily develop a service that apply broadcasting and communications.

To develop this functionality, you will use the APIs provided by the RemoteMonster server and the client SDK to utilize the RemoteMonster server. Development will mainly be based on the SDK. For a complete overview of the SDK's configuration and flow, please see the following information.

Development Procedures

Service Registration and Authentication Key Acquisition

Complete registration for service development from the RemoteMonster website. RemoteMonster issues an authentication key via e-mail.

Please refer to the following for details.

SDK and Development Environment Settings

With the package manager for each Browser, Android and iOS, it is very easy to make preparations.

Please check the following details for each platform.


RemoteMonster provides its community and various code samples for easy development.

Check out the platform-specific examples, demos, and reference documentations on the following RemoteMonster Github website.


Once the service is complete developed, RemoteMonster will be notified before starting its commercial version. RemoteMonster provides server settings and Admin screens for better quality and reliability.

Use the service key, not a test key, to increase security and quality.


RemoteMonster provides a separate Admin screen only for each commercial service to provide traffic information and call quality information in real time.

With the Admin screen, you can check which customers are mainly having problems and how to improve them.